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Cute & Funny Animals
38 photographs of cute and funny animals including dogs, cats, lions, cheetahs, horses, cows, and more (8.2MB)
Big Cats #2
49 quality photographs of big cats including cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, lions, lynxes, and tigers in a slideshow (15.4MB)
Cat Adventures
Fifteen 3D rendered images of cats out on their own for night or day adventures (9.2MB)
Adorable Dogs & Puppies Screensaver #2
Quality close-up photos of adorable dogs and puppies in a long slideshow (6.6MB)
Amazing Dolphins
Forty quality photographs of the amazing dolphins in a slideshow (8.8MB)
Dogs and Puppies
A collection of 32 pictures of cute dogs and puppies in cute poses, including collies, huskies, labs and many more (18MB)
Big Cats #1
High resolution close-up photos of big cats including tigers, lions, pumas, and cheetahs in a slideshow with zoom-in transitions effects. (5.4MB)
Kitty Cats
A collection of 32 adorable kitten pictures, with cute and funny poses (14.9MB)

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