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All Snowy
A slideshow of twenty-five pretty winter scenes with falling snow (5.9MB)
Alluring Water Scenes
A slideshow of seven animated water scenes. Lakes, babbling brooks, and rain scenes with sounds effects (4.2MB)
Animated Autumn Scenes
Seven beautiful animated autumn scenes with falling leaves, water effects, and rain. Also includes nature sounds. (10.3MB)
Animated Balls Screensaver
Animated screensaver with multicolored orbs swirling around your screen (0.6MB)
Animated Tropical Beaches
Six tropical beach scenes with realistic water movement and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Includes sounds of ocean and wind. (2.9MB)
Animated Water Scenes
Six animated water scenes with realistic water movement and sounds (2MB)
Animated Water Scenes 2
Six beautiful animated water scenes including waterfalls, river, lake, and more. Also includes water sounds (2.8MB)
Aqua Castles
Beautiful multi-scene underwater animation with fantasy castles, colorful corals, various fish, dolphins, sea turtles, and more. Also includes music, sound effects and a clock (3.9MB)
Watch colorful fish swimming around in your own desktop aquarium. Comes with bubbly sound effects (1.3MB)

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