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ART-TLC Documentary
An animated mini 'documentary' of ART-TLC crew working on a screensaver video at the site, then collecting props to return to studio (16MB)
Autumn Life
Multiple fully animated picturesque autumn scenes including moving rivers, flying birds, farm animals grazing, and more. (3.6MB)
Autumn Scenes with clocks
Charming animated autumn scenes including birds, owl, horses, cow, sheep and more. Includes nature sounds and a clock integrated into each scene. (2.1MB)
Bean Bag Strikes Back
A cute animated screen saver showing a bean bag juggling humans instead of the other way around (825KB)
Bees Buzz
Bees swarm and buzz on your desktop in this animated screensaver with sound. (420KB)
Bewitching Cascades
Several animated scenes with waterfalls and cascades with many animals, insects and nature sounds (9.7MB)
Bewitching Tropics
Beautiful animated tropical scenes with quiet lagoons, wildlife, and moving clouds and water. Also includes current time and background music. (3.1MB)
Bouncing Skeletons Screensaver
Animated screensaver with skeletons bouncing around the gravestones. Includes optional music. (2.1MB)
Bright Rockets Screensaver
An animated screensaver featuring bright neon colored rockets shooting up in the air (16.7MB)
Bubble Bounce
Animated screensaver with bubbles bouncing around your desktop. Alternative version on the same page with a bubble background included (0.8 - 1.7MB)
Butterflies Ponds
Three beautiful pond scenes with many animations and nature sounds (7.5MB)
Butterflies World
Numerous animated butterflies fluttering around a beautiful field of white lilies (4.8MB)
City Salute Screensaver
Animated screensaver with fireworks exploding in the sky above a city at night light (0.6MB)
Classic Stars Screensaver
Animated starfield screensaver where stars are moving fast towards the viewer (450KB)

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