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Colibri Screensaver
An animated screensaver picturing colibries (from humming bird family) fluttering and collecting nectar from trees in a sunset scene (0.7MB)
Comets & Stars
Animated screensaver with comets, shooting stars, and planets floating in space, with little animated astronomers watching through telescopes. (3.7MB)
Cowboy Ride Screensaver
An animated screensaver with 3 cowboys riding against a sunset background. Includes sound effects and music. (1.7MB)
Dancing Fountains
Spectacular animated 'dancing' fountains against three different backdrops (1.7MB)
Eagles Kingdom Screensaver
Four waterfall scenes with moving water effects and animated eagles & many other animals. Also includes sound effects. (6.5MB)
Endless Sunset
Animated scene with a bride and a guitar playing groom sailing towards the sunset; includes music (7MB)
EuroSaver displays the new currency of the EC floating across and falling down your desktop. Check different options from settings (420KB)
Fairy Lake Screensaver
Three picturesque lake scenes with animated water effects and lots of animated animals and insects. Also includes nature sounds. (3MB)
Falling Leaves 1-2
Animated screensavers with leaves falling against a colorful autumn forest scene. Two different versions available with different backgrounds. - Not suitable for widescreens!
Fall Of the Leaves
Large colorful autumn leaves fall and rotate towards you from the blue sky in this 3D screensaver. (793KB)
Farm Scene with Clock
Beautifully animated farm scene with cows, birds, a dog, and fluffy clouds on the blue sky. You can read the current time on a windmill. Also includes animal and nature sounds. (1.3MB)

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