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Figures Screensaver
Stacked up triangles move, morph, and change colors in this animated screensaver. (0.5MB)
Flower Power
Multitude of different flowers growing on your screen, then been mowed down; classical music on background (491KB)
Flowers And Butterflies
Three pretty animated scenes with lots of flowers, insects, animals, and nature sounds (4.5MB)
Fly Again
An animated screensaver with swirling shapes of light moving against a blue background (0.7MB)
Flying Books
This animated screensaver shows a flock of books flapping over your screen like birds. You can select the number of books and the type of background from the settings (916KB)
Flying Pangolins
Three fully animated prehistorical scenes with flying monsters, waterfalls, dinosaurs, nature sounds, and more.. (5.8MB)
Fractal Dragon Screensaver
Animated fractal shape resembling a dragon, moves and changes shape on your screen. (0.7MB)
Animated pictures of frogs on lilly pads, catching flies before diving into the lake (553KB)
Garden In The Depth
Three beautiful underwater scenes with colorful fish moving about. Includes current time and sound effects. (2MB)

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