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Great Waterfalls Screensaver
Beautiful animated waterfall scene with realistic water movement. (6.8MB)
Green Waterfalls Screensaver
An animated waterfall scene with tropical birds and exotic butterflies accompanied by nature sounds (3.4MB)
Happy Farm
High quality 3D animation about a sunny day on a farm with cows crazing on the field while birds sing in the background (2.2MB)
In The Depth
Animated underwater screensaver with various fish, crabs, and sea turtles swimming around. Includes ocean sounds. (2.9MB)
Ganesh Clock Screensaver
A screensaver showing an image of the Indian god Ganesha with animations and a working clock (766KB)
Giant Snowglobe
Watch snow swirling around a large snow globe while listening to music. (1.4MB)
A bull, cows and a farmer in a 3D farm animation, with sound effects. (1MB)
Grand Waterfalls Screensaver
Three animated scenes with waterfalls and lots of wildlife moving about. Includes nature sounds and current time. (4.5MB)

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