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Angel Art Screensaver
Animated screensaver with framed angel images floating randomly on top of a 'Madonna and Child' painting. Includes optional music. (1.4MB)
APFY Fine Art Screensavers
Five slideshow screensavers based on original art by Liz Armon, including 'portraits' of cats, dogs and horses
Art by the Pre-Raphaelites
A slideshow of 28 paintings in the Pre-Raphaelite style, including works by Hughes, Millais, Rosetti and Waterhouse (9MB)
Art by the Old Masters
Paintings by the old masters like Cezanne, Degas, Michelangelo, Gauguin and more. Each painting is labeled with the name of the painter and the painting. (3.5MB)
Art of Jim Warren
Colorful fantasy airbrush paintings by Jim Warren in a long slideshow with optional music (1.7MB)
Art of Jonathan Allen Cummings
Twelve amazing images from one of the best digital artists, Jonathan Allen Cummings, in a slideshow with music (3.5MB)
A Tribute to Heros of World War Two
38 paintings of American and British forces in WW2, with air, land, and sea scenes, with background music (16.8MB)
Bayeux Tapestry
The 70 m Bayeux Tapestry will glide at the speed you choose at the settings, or you can move it manually. Download as one large file or two smaller ones (4.1MB)

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