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Beautiful Horse Paintings
A collection of fifty beautiful horse paintings in a slideshow. (20.4MB)
Beautiful Painted Landscapes
A slideshow of 46 beautiful paintings from various artists with background music (11.5MB)
Computer Generated Still Lifes
Original 3D rendered compositions replicating traditional Still Life painting styles in a slideshow with optional music (5.6MB)
Cupids in Fine Art
A slideshow of 43 framed paintings by various artists depicting Cupid, with the name of the artist and painting for all images. (6.1MB)
Fairy Art by J.A. Fitzgerald
Twenty seven fairy paintings by the Victorian artist John Anster Christian Fitzgerald in a slideshow (10.8MB)
Feline Friends - Art of Val Stokes
Beautiful cat drawings by New Zealand artist Val Stokes (1.4MB)
Garden Sanctuary: Art by Val Stokes
Beautiful paintings by Val Stokes from New Zealand in a slideshow screensaver with original music of Bill Sandy (2.3MB)
'Looking Back' by Dianne Dengel
Nostalgic paintings by Dianne Dengel in a slideshow with music (2MB)

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