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Twilight Ship Screensaver
Beutiful twilight scene with ship sailing under moving clouds . Also shows the current time and date (11.7MB)
Matrix 3D screensaver
Green characters running vertically down in columns on the main characters from the cult movie The Matrix (3.6MB)
Abstract Fractals Animated 2
A screensaver with six beautiful 3D animated fractal art scenes with some surprises like fish, birds and working clocks (5.8MB)
PCB Roller Coaster
PCB Roller Coaster is a screensaver featuring a Printed Circuit Board 3D model with fly-trough camera motion. In the screensaver configuration dialog, it is possible to select a color scheme, camera movement speed, etc (3.2MB)
3D Windmill Screensaver
A real-time 3D screensaver showing views of traditional Dutch farm house and windmill from different angles: fields filled with tulips and daffodils and farm animals grazing on the fields and around the buildings. Also includes background music and optional current time. (9.6MB)
Abstract Fractals Animated
Six beautiful 3D animated fractal art scenes in a slideshow (3MB)
Japan in 3D
A real-time 3D screensaver showing rotating views of Japanese country side in spring with oriental pagoda, redwood gazebo and majestic cherry trees all in bloom. Includes background music and current time. (7MB)
Fantastic Walk Screensaver
Animated screensaver with orange orbs moving between 2 parallel levels and 'drawing' traces while they go. F1 key gives you several options for custom tweaking (0.5MB)
7 screensavers in one installation! Select from settings various dynamic screensavers including fractals, clocks, kaleidoscope and more. (1.1MB)
Hogwarts 3D Screensaver
Visit the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 3D! Camera slowly moves, zooms, and rotates around various rooms and areas of the school. Includes background music and optional current time. (10.6MB)
Alice Reader interactive screensaver
Lewis Carroll’s "Through the Looking Glass" letters scattered and whirling in all possible directions. Many interactive options available through F1 button (0.5MB)

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