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3D Aquarium Screensaver
Colorful real-time 3D aquarium with bubbles raising and fish swimming around. Includes bubble sounds and option clock. (6.5MB)
3D Valley Screensaver
A beautiful real-time 3D screensaver with rotating views of a green valley with brooks, hills, lush greenery and a log cabin. Includes sounds of the birds and relaxing background music (7.6MB)
Abstract Dance Screensaver
Watch multicoloured geometrical forms curve and play with the light somewhere in the cosmos. More objects can be added from the settings (1.1MB)
Active Volcano 3D Screensaver
A rotating view of real-time 3D animated volcano spewing fire and spreading smoke middle of an ocean. Includes sound effects and optional display of the currant time (4.9MB)
Algorithmic Art - Flowers and Stars
Animated algorithmic art screensaver that generates endless digital compositions with flower and star motifs. It also features a sound track composed for this screensaver. (5.6MB -mute version 2.3mb)
Algorithmic Art Screensaver var08
An animated art screensaver inspired by the Italian Futurist Cubist art movement. (1.7MB)
Amazing Aquaworld 3D Screensaver
Several 3D videos about underwater life including fish, blubbers, underwater treasures, plants, and more. Also includes sound effects. (11.3MB)
Amazing Bubbles 3D Screensaver v1.0
Shiny soap bubbles move upwards with rainbow colors. You can select their number, size, speed and amplitude from the settings. Background is either current desktop or any image you choose from your hard disk (1.1MB)
Arctic Bear 3D
A really cool 3D screensaver featuring a beer drinking arctic bear floating among icebergs and listening to music (1.5MB)

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