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Matrix Reality in 3D
Excellent real-time 3D screensaver taking you through the Matrix corridors. Includes background music and optional current time (3.4MB)
My Pictures 3D Screensaver
Walk through a virtual 3D gallery and watch your images displayed on the walls (4.9MB)
This 3D rendered screensaver features a color-changing plasma background, an object consisting of 1,000 points of light, and traditional polygons. Two versions available: demo screensaver, and larger version including free tools for creating your own 3D screensaver (127-270KB)
Night Lights
Abstract forms with bright lights rotate and change shape on your screen (114KB)
Old Clock 3D Screensaver
Camera rotates around a table with old-fashioned clock showing current time. Outside thunder rages and lightnings throw lights and shadows in the room. Painting in the frame can be changed to your favorite picture. Includes music and sound effects (6.5MB)
Persistent Wheels and Clocks with Tentacles
Mesmerizing animated screensaver with dynamically created designs and endless variety of colorful art with round object theme. Includes original electronic sound track (5.5MB)
Point Screen Saver
Colored points in constant movement create abstract designs. Check screensaver settings for options (106KB)

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