Free Nature & Cities Screensavers Page 5

Blue Bouquet
Ten slides of beautiful flowers in different shades of blue, with music (2.4MB)
Enjoy 13 colorful images of the parks and historic places of Idaho's largest city, while listening to Vivaldi in the background (1.9MB)
'By The Sea' screensaver
Nine photographs of seaside views in a slideshow with music (1.8MB)
Castles of the World
17 pictures of Castles all over the World including Germany, France, Scotland, Spain, and more with background music (7.7MB)
Cathedrals & Churches
15 pictures of beautiful cathedrals and churches from all over the world with music background (4.4MB)
Cherry Blossoms
Pretty close-up photographs of cherry blossoms in a slideshow with bird sounds and music (1.8MB)
Deep Water Screensaver
Colorful underwater images in a slideshow (3.1MB)

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