New screensaver authors, please read our FAQ!

Minimum requirements for submitted screensavers:

  1. Screensavers must be 100% freeware and contain no adware.

  2. Your screensaver software must be properly registered for free distribution.

  3. Download page must include instructions how to remove the screensaver if it does not appear in Windows 'Add/remove programs' list.

  4. Since many of our visitors still use Windows XP, submissions should work with XP.
    We currently only list Windows screensavers.

Most common reasons for not accepting the submission:

  • Cannot connect to file or download page. If you find out that your server has been down, please resubmit.

  • Screensaver will not install, or gives error messages. Please check your screensaver in as many different systems as possible before submitting.

  • Poor image quality (usually way too much compressed jpg's), small size of images, or very small quantity

  • For other possible reasons check our FAQ.

To keep your screensaver listed at, you need to add a reciprocal link to your site. This link can be added after your screensaver is listed. If no link is found, your listing will be removed.

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