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FREEWARE Screensaver Programs
Freeware programs usually allow you to run the screen saver only on your own PC. If you want to distribute or sell your screensavers, see our shareware selection.

Anfi 2.0
This program includes 52 applets you can use for your own web pages, desktop wallpapers or screensavers (5MB)
Saver Forge
Create slideshow screensavers from your image files, 17 transition effects, captions possible. Full distribution rights! (1MB)
PicShow Plus
This slideshow presenter allows full configuration from any file or folder and change in 3 modes. Plus you can set wallpaper to change. Image collections available from the website. (629KB)
Gphotoshow v.1.5
Slideshow screensaver program supporting BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG image and Mid, Wav, MP3 music files. Includes a wallpaper changer (611KB)
MotionPicture Screen Saver
Displays a cinematic slideshow of jpeg images. The motion includes zooming in, zooming out, and panning. Add your own music files from CD or mp3 files. (436KB)
Space Photo Screensaver
This screensaver will show as a screensaver your own pictures from your chosen folder like they were flying in the space (1MB)

Shareware Programs

Please note that the listed screensavers are NOT produced by us but by hundreds of freeware authors around the world. Any questions about individual screensavers should be addressed to the authors directly. Same applies to any screensavers advertised in advertising banners and popups.

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